It’s new for me… and I like it.

I have been working in PR for many years and have had many successes. I felt that I was an integral part of the growth and made an impact on the positive transitions that my talents afforded my company’s owners as well as our customers. I honored our clients and valued my colleagues. Still something always kept me from feeling satisfied and settled about working for these companies. Recently I was up late working on a bylined article for one of our clients – College Planning ABC. Manuel Fabriquer, the founder of the company, assists parents and students in securing financial aid and free money for college. It hit me when I was describing how the time has come for parents, like me, to start getting creative about figuring out how we will pay for college. I realized that what I lacked in my past positions was true passion. I may have cared but never had this wonderful feeling of purpose – of responsibility for the lifeblood of my clients. In turn our (both my and my clients’) success had become my passion when I realized I was working late for MY client – who had put his faith in Media Owls.  I know now that not only can I relate to the value of the college planner in my own situation (I have one kid in college and a senior in high school…ugh) but the rewarding feeling I get from securing a placement of that article in the San Jose Business Journal or So Cal Life After 50 is more about my personal accomplishments on behalf of Media Owls. I guess I am proud of Jackie Flaten and myself for taking this leap… and it feels good.
Thanks for your support  — I now share your passion… and I like it.


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